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If you have ever dreamed of flying or being involved with WWII aircraft 
- Air Shows, Air Races, or flying for the movies...

Now, we are selling AT-6D, Triple Nickle
1942, rather stock. About 6000 hours Total, 300+/- hrs SMOH engine

The aircraft would include an OHC engine, and various parts, including cowling, and assorted parts, some are pictured:

This is the current status of my aircraft and situation to sell:
While I would like to sell the plane soon, I am quite busy and expect to sell in the following condition:
Licensed and ready to fly, but no major work.

If going to EU, disassembled and shipped to EU and reassembled and Licensed and ready to fly. But due to access to parts and skill, it might be better to do work in USA.

AERO-ENGINES, INC. (323) 663-3961 Phone, Engines or Troubleshooting = Otis Perera - otis@aero-enginesinc.com,
3033 North Coolidge Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90039, (323) 664-5189 Fax

I may be interested in a partial trade down to STOL with low gas, and prefer folding wings.

Please contact me with your suggested price and method.

Frederick Kohler,
Best E-mail: mail@P51.com    
310-276-8224 | mobile 310-927-5552  + 310-703-7191

PO Box 69606, Los Angeles, CA, 90069 USA

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-Antoine de Saint Exupéry, Wind Sand and Stars


Previously - The ChequerBoard Squadron allows YOU to join the community of Warbird lovers and to realize your own Dream 
with these aircraft from the most historic and romantic Golden Age of Aviation. By becoming a Member, you may 
participate in the operation and maintenance of our aircraft, - at our homebase at Falcon Field, and as we tour the 
Air Show circuit, Barnstorming, and flying for movie-making.

Sorry, but we are mostly inactive now. Intend to sell AT-6 Click here to see

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